The Fabulous History of Stovall’s Hotels

The Stovall’s family of hotels have surrounded the magic of the Disneyland Park since 1964. Hotel owner and operator Al Stovall wanted an out of this world experience for hotel guests coming to Disneyland, and he delivered! With flying saucers, spacemen and aliens adorning the hotel lobby, to a rocket van that would pick up guests from the airport, no detail was overlooked.


The sixties were coming to life! America was just entering the space race, skirts were getting shorter and shorter, and in a small town called Anaheim Walt Disney’s masterpiece was coming to life! Each hotel had its own space age feel and name! There was the fabulous “Inn of Tomorrow” (now Stovall’s Inn), the amazing “Space Age Lodge,” (now Pavilions Hotel), the “Cosmic Age Hotel,” “The Galaxy Hotel” and the “Apollo Inn.”


Disneyland was coming to life! Families would flock to Anaheim for a once in a lifetime experience, and the Anaheim hotels were ready to meet and exceed their expectations. Our hotels were state of the art, with color TVs, direct dial phones and much more.


New wave music, strange hairstyles, MTV was born, and the eighties were alive and kicking! To embrace this lively and hip decade, many of our Anaheim hotels were re-modeled with a “Miami Vice” feel and look.


Today, our 4 Best Western hotels have been completely remodeled and are ready to entice and excite the next generation of travelers. However, if you look very carefully you just might see a hidden spaceman or some other fun part of our family history.

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